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Prevention, wellness, and low-tech body wisdom have never been mainstream medicine's strong points. On top of that, for years "women's diseases"—osteoporosis primary among them—have been largely overlooked, or assumed to be the same as in men, or, worse still, unquestloningly tolerated. That tide is finally turning. But as our awareness peaks, we need to make responsible choices. If you take a stroll down the aisles of your local health food store—or even your regular drugstore or grocery store— you'll be bombarded with products claiming to build your bones or balance your hormones or give you all the calcium you could ever need. Suddenly, bone health is in the air, and the folks on Madison Avenue and in Product Development are clearly going to milk our newfound awareness for all its worth. You can't get all the way through a morning news show, or a woman's magazine, without seeing an ad for a new product (or an improved or enriched old faithful) that offers the same kind of fountain-of-youth promises. But no matter what the packages promise, there are no magic bullets that go straight to your bones.

This book will sort through the clutter of commercial junk dreamed up by trend-spotting marketers and give you the first complete, integrated program to ensure the health of your bones. We start with a thorough assessment of your level of risk (before you shell out for a bone density scan or even make an appointment for a general checkup). Once you know where you stand, there are no quick fixes, but the holistic program you'll find here is the real deal:

Foods to eat and foods to avoid to support bone health (or, why kale is better than spinach), the best ways to get calcium into your diet and into your bones (and why that isn't enough), and complete menus and recipes to successfully launch you into a new way of eating.

The nutrients you absolutely need—and how to get them in the proper combinations and in the minimum number of pills each day if you choose to use supplements to back up your occasionally imperfect diet.

The truth about hormones—both "natural" and synthetic— and which ones you need and when, and when you should pass them up altogether, no matter what your gynecologist says.

The exercises proven to build your bones, and the bone benefits of kinder, gentler forms of movement.


If you've already had significant bone loss, which can occur as early as your late 30s, the same areas are crucial to restoring density, strength, and resilience to your bones. As long as you adhere to the 6-Week Bone Density Program, the prescription drugs available for treatment—and some natural options as well—will have their maximum effect. Whatever stage you are at, this book puts all the pieces together into one easy-to-use plan, with help from (among other things):

Checklists to help you keep track of what medical tests you need—and will probably have to specifically ask for in order to get—and when.

"Best of" Lists sprinkled through the book give key information at a glance, like the top five easy high-calcium snacks or herbs that aid in digestion or the top ten flavors to try in a creamy tofu spread/dip.

Action Plans at the end of each week to get you into action.

Things to Think About to keep you on your toes.

Fun with Computers tips to point you in the right direction on the information superhighway, where there's a wealth of information and support—and even more advertisements, snake-oil peddlers, outdated or biased information, and well-meaning but ill-informed surfers eager to give their two cents to anyone who will listen.

Bone Boosters throughout the book give you quick tips to put into practice right away to jump-start your journey to a strong, tall, healthy you.


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